Why don’t you just marry in church?

The Danish Humanist Society will have its 10th anniversary this year and is thus one of the youngest Humanist organizations in Western Europe. In Denmark we face the paradox of a secular country with a state church, which means that most of the people who use the ceremonies (christening, confirmations, wedding and funerals) in the Lutheran church are not really very religious. This has been and is a very big hindrance in our work for the recognition of humanism as a life stance.

The Humanist Society just recently succeeded in bringing the recognition of life stances on the agenda at the Danish parliament and hopefully legislation granting humanist rights alongside religious groups will soon follow, i.e. the performance of legal weddings.

This will be an attempt of assessing the strategy to get there and why it worked.



Kirstine Kærn, Vicepresident of The Danish Humanist Society