What’s my crime? – Dutch humanists in defence of non-believers

More than ever humanists, atheists and non-believers around the world are being discriminated and prosecuted, because they don’t believe in a god. They are not allowed to marry, get a job or get to see their kids. In some – mostly Islamic states – freethinkers are held in prison, or even face death penalty (Freedom of Thought report 2017, IHEU).

The social discrimination of non-believers is also a severe problem, even in the Netherlands. Former muslims run the risk of being excluded from their families and friends, which is a high price to pay. The Dutch Humanist Association is the only organization in the Netherlands that stands up for the rights of this specific group of non-believers.

In this presentation Christa Compas will share some best (and worst!) practices on how we translated this global issue into a local campaign: how we create awareness for this problem, and how we support Dutch former muslims, freethinkers and refugees in the Netherlands. The talk will be illustrated with videoclips of the campaign.

The Dutch humanists (Humanistisch Verbond) will present their campaign “What’s my crime?”. This campaign is about supporting freethinkers and ex-muslims in the Netherlands, i.e. asylum seekers on the basis of non religion. There are different aspects to this project : a tv-documentairy , a platform for ex-muslims and fundraising to support courtcases.


Christa Compas, Humanistisch Verbond