The Science Calendar – Promoting science one day at a time

Every year, a team of volunteers collects the latest information about scientific discoveries and, after mixing it with older information (such as famous scientists’ birthdays), they put them in a calendar. The calendar is printed as a big-size poster and distributed freely in schools around the country. So, through this project we offer students across Romania 365 reasons to become interested in a career in science, but we also offer teachers a starting point for daily discussion about national and international scientific discoveries and how they impact our lives. So far, we have the information in Romanian and English, but the project can be replicated in every country and we can offer support for everyone interested. We’ve started the Science Calendar project in 2010 and every year we update the information and the design. It is also important to mention that the last four editions of the calendar were financed entirely through crowdfunding, by parents and other people interested in promoting science.



Monica Belițoiu, executive director of ASUR – The Romanian Secular-Humanist Association