Promoting Laicity with a comic clip on Social media

In 2017, UFAL launched a 5 minutes educational video about laicity. It’s simple, colorful and it answers the following questions : What is laicity in France? What it is not? Why do we need it?

We want it to be our main medium dedicated to defend and inform about laicity. It was made to reach a large audience: youth and schools, general public, local agents, activist.

After a specific communication campaign in September, the video tots up to more than 20 000 views on YouTube :

The video was first launched during our summer planning session called “Université Populaire Laïque” in Périgueux. This 4 days event gathers laicity defenders together in order to debate issues and define our policies holding conferences, setting exhibitions up and presenting political plays.



Aude DARCHY, Secrétaire Générale

Union des FAmille Laïques