How the Prometheus Society acquired a advertising space grant from Google at the amount of 120 000 USD

Google Inc. Company provides supporting project for foundations and non profit organizations in 52 countries.

Prometheus Society, as the first one in Slovakia, acquired a year’s grant advertising space at Google in the amount of 10 000 $ monthly + free of cost 4 initially paid Google services. At first the application is approved by a partner organization of Google in given country and then by Google. Advertising space and promotion campaigns at Google helped us to promote Prometheus Society and humanism, to spread its ideas, aims and edification. Each campaign is approved by Google within approximately 10 days and it is controlled manually. The grant resulted to a higher visit rate of Prometheus Society’s website. It also resulted to recruitment of new members, new contacts to other associations and contacts to media. 


Speaker: Alena Mižíková, Prometheus Society Slovakia